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Board games are booming, a huge number of great games are released every year. The same churn that brings so many extraordinary games has also made it hard to know where to get started. You can’t purchase every hot new title that shows up on Kickstarter, but you also don’t want to be wasting time playing the same old games that your parents keep in the coat closet. That's where we can help! These are the very best board games of all time; from hardcore strategy games to lighter, family fare any game of these lists are worth playing today!

The list: top 10 games

  1. 10
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    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    Year published2019
    DesignerRob Daviau, Eric M. Lang
    ArtistsNicolas Fructus, Karl Kopinski + 4 more
    PublisherCMON Global Limited + 12 more
    Player count1 - 5
  2. 9
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    Year published2018
    DesignerJames A. Wilson
    ArtistsAndrew Bosley, Cody Jones + 1 more
    PublisherStarling Games (II) + 18 more
    Player count1 - 4
  3. 8
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    Too Many Bones

    Year published2017
    DesignerJosh J. Carlson, Adam Carlson
    ArtistsJosh J. Carlson, Anthony LeTourneau
    PublisherChip Theory Games + 7 more
    Player count1 - 4
  4. 7
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    Arkham Horror: The Card Game

    Year published2016
    DesignerNate French, Maxine Juniper Newman, Matthew J. Newman
    ArtistsChristopher Hosch, Marcin Jakubowski + 5 more
    PublisherFantasy Flight Games + 10 more
    Player count1 - 2
  5. 6
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    Year published2017
    DesignerIsaac Childres
    ArtistsAlexandr Elichev, Josh T. McDowell + 1 more
    PublisherCephalofair Games + 10 more
    Player count1 - 4
  6. 5
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    Dune: Imperium

    Year published2020
    DesignerPaul Dennen
    ArtistsClay Brooks, Brett Nienburg + 2 more
    PublisherDire Wolf + 10 more
    Player count1 - 4
  7. 4
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    A Feast for Odin

    Year published2016
    DesignerUwe Rosenberg
    ArtistsDennis Lohausen
    PublisherFeuerland Spiele + 15 more
    Player count1 - 4
  8. 3
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    Brass: Birmingham

    Year published2018
    DesignerGavan Brown, Matt Tolman, Martin Wallace
    ArtistsGavan Brown, Lina Cossette + 3 more
    PublisherRoxley + 18 more
    Player count2 - 4
  9. 2
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    Year published2016
    DesignerJamey Stegmaier
    ArtistsJakub Rozalski
    PublisherStonemaier Games + 18 more
    Player count1 - 5
  10. 1
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    Spirit Island

    Year published2017
    DesignerR. Eric Reuss
    ArtistsJason Behnke, Loïc Berger + 13 more
    PublisherGreater Than Games, LLC + 16 more
    Player count1 - 4

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