Best board games of 2022

The best overall year for board games in quite a while, 2022 an amazing selection of board games hitting the table. Some of the greatest games ever came out this year including giant sandbox games and fun little family-weight games - not to mention one of the most thematic competitve area majority games since Scythe! Check out the best games of 2022!


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It’s never been a better time to be a fan of board games with some of the best tabletop games ever made being available. Long gone are the days where you’d struggle to get anyone to pick up anything but Risk or Monopoly. With all the amazing board games out there it can be challenge to pick one, so let us help you pick from this list of the best board games. These lists include a wide variety of board games, both in terms of theme and gameplay. Whether you’re looking for the next co-op game to share with your friends, a new part game to play at the holidays, or a heavier strategic game to dig in to, you’ll be able to find an entry to fit your criteria. There are scary games, historical games, fantasy titles and even war-themed board games, meaning that whatever the weather you’ll have a fantastic tabletop title to pop onto the table.

The list: top 10 games

  1. 10
    Game poster

    Ready Set Bet

    Year published2022
    DesignerJohn D. Clair
    ArtistsKirk W. Buckendorf, Athena Cagle
    PublisherAlderac Entertainment Group + 8 more
    Player count2 - 9
  2. 9
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    Skate Summer

    Year published2022
    DesignerRandy Reiman
    ArtistsPape Ink
    PublisherPandasaurus Games
    Player count2 - 5
  3. 8
    Game poster


    Year published2022
    DesignerManny Vega
    ArtistsSandara Tang
    PublisherCardboard Alchemy + 15 more
    Player count1 - 5
  4. 7
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    The Guild of Merchant Explorers

    Year published2022
    DesignerMatthew Dunstan, Brett J. Gilbert
    ArtistsGerralt Landman
    PublisherAlderac Entertainment Group + 4 more
    Player count1 - 4
  5. 6
    Game poster

    Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood

    Year published2022
    DesignerJamie Jolly
    ArtistsFrancesca Baerald, Vladimir Buchyk + 3 more
    PublisherShadowborne Games
    Player count1 - 4
  6. 5
    Game poster

    Foundations of Rome

    Year published2022
    DesignerEmerson Matsuuchi
    ArtistsStephen Gibson, Damien Mammoliti
    PublisherArcane Wonders
    Player count2 - 4
  7. 4
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    Wonderland's War

    Year published2022
    DesignerTim Eisner, Ben Eisner, Ian Moss
    ArtistsManny Trembley
    PublisherDruid City Games + 8 more
    Player count2 - 5
  8. 3
    Game poster

    Wayfarers of the South Tigris

    Year published2022
    DesignerS J Macdonald, Shem Phillips
    ArtistsMihajlo Dimitrievski
    PublisherGarphill Games + 12 more
    Player count1 - 4
  9. 2
    Game poster

    Heat: Pedal to the Metal

    Year published2022
    DesignerAsger Harding Granerud, Daniel Skjold Pedersen
    ArtistsVincent Dutrait
    PublisherDays of Wonder + 6 more
    Player count1 - 6
  10. 1
    Game poster

    Endless Winter: Paleoamericans

    Year published2022
    DesignerStan Kordonskiy
    ArtistsMihajlo Dimitrievski, Yoma
    PublisherFantasia Games + 17 more
    Player count1 - 4

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